Keeping The Flag Flying High at East Bay

East Bay and Park Ave Marketing Company have worked with various organizations to produce astounding marketing results. Our current project with the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros has been creating new waves of success for the practice. In view of the various online marketing strategies that we have implemented, there has been increased patronage of their practice and greater visibility in the marketplace. Among the many things we intend to achieve, we want to give this Dallas, Texas based company the platform that would enable them continue to enjoy huge wins in their industry for many years. We would highlight some of the things we have done to give you a fair assessment of our proficiency and expertise.

A picture of a dentist enjoying her social marketingOne of the mediums that we have engaged is to establish an active Social media presence. When weighed against the likes of Jefferson Dental Clinic, Emergency Dentists USA, Emergency Dental Care USA, South Texas Dental and other top dentists in Dallas; the Dental Pros social media engagement is second to none. We have been able to make them one of the leading brands in the Dallas area through the daily dental health tips that we share. Most of the contributors to the various social media outlets come from different age brackets. Also, we have created an online quick service platform for those who require urgent dental care.

Another feature that has been prominent in our synergy with this Dallas dental clinic is the creation of a responsive website design. We have designed lots of add-ons that make the site more interactive and engaging for the various visitors. We have realized through the composite data analysis that the conversion rate of visitors to the site has increased. Also, the interface of the website has been designed to accommodate the testimonials of satisfied patients. This has made the platform a friendly and dynamic community that showcases the epitome of emergency dental care in Dallas, Texas.

It is important to mention that the other dental practices in Dallas have not made the kind of investment that Dallas emergency Dental Pros have done in order to entrench their online presence. The Company has invested lots of resources to run a viable online platform. In a bid to create a greater awareness of the Dallas 24 hour dental practice, they have started running ads on various humanitarian groups’ website. The ads are purely educational and lead interested parties to visit Dallas emergency Dental Pros for more details. There is also another campaign that focuses on school children and the results have been quite impressive.

The online world of the emergency dentist Dallas, TX has witnessed a broader horizon of operation due to the drive of the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros. A few years back, a quick search on the internet would give you the lead on the dentist to visit. However, the world has become more sophisticated and the Internet has been crowded with all sorts of dental practitioners. In order to retain the sanctity and pride of place of qualified emergency dentists, Dental emergency Pros have created a column where you can Ask the dentist any question that you desire. This has helped to show their professionalism and expertise in their field.

A picture of the cit of dallasThere is nothing that can take away the fact that the promotional e-mails have also brought more clients to this company. There is a continuous e-mail blast that covers everyone in the Dallas area. The company has received feedback from those who were at a crossroad on how to get the best emergency dentist in Dallas, Texas. The email addresses the major concerns of the patients and gives them a step by step guide on how to get solutions. The beauty of the email campaign is that it is written in a simple format that is void of medical terms. It is easy for anyone who values their dental health to enjoy the rich benefits that come from the information shared in the mails.

Dallas Emergency dental pros have seen their brand mentioned in various media outlets due to this current online marketing drive. They have entrenched their place in the hearts of many individuals. It is important to mention that the dividends of this drive are yet to be fully realized but the results thus far have been quite astounding. In a bid to deepen their stakes and expand the number of clients that they serve, Dallas Emergency Dental Pros have committed to run this campaign for many seasons.